Introducing our new Roland VersaUV LEC proofer


We have recently installed a new Roland VersaUV LEC proofer. This means that we have the ability to accurately produce and experiment with artwork on a small scale, allowing us to fine tune appearances before production, something that would otherwise be restricted to imagination. It literally brings ideas to life!

The proofer is colour calibrated to hit the Fogra 39L standard so the mock-ups will be very accurate for colour reproduction.

The addition of spot gloss and opaque white inks allow accurate representation onto metpol (metalised polyester) boards and the spot gloss can proof the production processes of UV inline spot gloss, relief spot UV and off-line UV high build spot glosses.

It can also re-create embossing effects and this coupled to our foil blocking proofing, will provide a fantastically accurate cost effective solution for a mock-up of production cartons.

To discuss how the proofer can benefit your production requirements, call us on 0116 260 2220.